Logging to SharePoint through Internet and Password problems?

October 3rd, 2006 | Categories: Computer

If you’re like me using SharePoint over the Internet (for extranet, and other purposes) and if you’re opening the same site a lot of times, you might want the computer to remember the username and password for that site. But the computer simply doesn’t want to remember the username and password…

Although many do not recommend this, here’s the way to do it:

In Internet Explorer under the menu Tools click Internet Options. In the open window now select the Security tab.

Next select Local Intranet and click the Sites button.

In the new window click the Advanced button and in the next window type in the URL of your SharePoint site. If the site is not using SSL (https:) remember to clear the “Require server verification…” checkbox. At the end click the Add button and confirm all the windows with OK or Close.

The next time you’ll log on to the SharePoint Site check the box Remember my password and that’ll be the last time you’ll log in to that site manually on this computer.


If you’re accessing sensitive data on SharePoint remember to secure your computer account with a password and protect the unauthorized access to this computer, because anyone can access to this site from this computer now!