Backup, restore and migration of sites on SharePoint 3 pt. 3/3

January 23rd, 2008 | Categories: SharePoint, SharePoint administration

stsadm -o export and stsadm -o import

To backup:
1. Locate stsadm.exe
2. in Command prompt type stsadm -o export -url http://[url-of-the-web-site-or-subsite] -filename [path and name of the file.dat]

To restore:
1. Create a web application and a site collection using sharepoint central administration. Or you can create a subweb in an existing site collection. In both cases you should use a “Blank site” template.
2. Locate stsadm.exe
3. In Command prompt type stsadm -o import -url http://[url-of-the-web-site-or-subsite] -filename [path and name of the file.dat]

You’ve probably noticed a difference from a method described n previous post is small (only export and import instead of backup and restore). Also we can see that the order of parameters and their values isn’t important.

1. You can export (migrate) a subsite
2. If you include parameter -includeusersecurity it keeps the security settings and owner information
3. It doesn’t keep the list and sites GUIDs so you can use it to copy a site collection inside of the same content database.

1. You need access to the server to run the stsadm.exe
2. It doesn’t keep the SharePoint Designer’s Data-View-Webparts (again you have to fix them manually – read more about it here.)
3. You loose the meta data (created and modified dates and who created it) by default.