“Created” equals “Current user” not working as it should?

September 29th, 2008 | Categories: SharePoint

When using Data view in SharePoint Designer and trying to make conditional formatting on something that current logged in user has created, I followed the usual way. Selected the elemtn, clicked Conditional Formatting and set the filter to "Created" — "equal to" — "Current user" like shown in the figure below:


Surprise – even if I was logged in like me, I couldn’t see the formatting on items I’ve created. The feature works with filter (not XSLT).

The problem is the presence information and link that SharePoint uses to store the author. The following worked for me.

1. Switch to code where you have the conditional formatting. Find string like something below:

and change it to following:

(note the change marked with bold)

and the thing should display items which you like logged in user have created.

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