SharePoint Designer constantly crashing?

September 16th, 2008 | Categories: Computer, css, SharePoint

On my latest project I’m working on I was having serious trouble with SharePoint Designer. As soon as I opened a certain page it hung up, crashed, collapsed and in many cases it wasn’t responding. I’ve checked the proper syntax of the code (there was some custom XSLT), CSS, etc. Even tested the code in some validators to see if I forgot to close some tags, or left something out. Nothing.

Then I discovered that the difference between the troubled page and other pages was some additional CSS. The following method helped:

1. download the troubled page by selecting it and clicking "File –> Export –> File"
2. On your computer using any text editor (I prefer Notepad++) cut the troubled code out (in my case the CSS)
3. On the SharePoint site create the CSS file and paste the CSS code into it.
4. Still on your desktop insert the link link to the CSS file (Oznake ponudnika Technorati: