Fixing / Reattaching / Changing the Lookup list

May 19th, 2009 | Categories: MOSS, SharePoint, SharePoint administration

Today the strangest thing happened. During the content migration suddenly the target list lost the proper destination. The result was ALL the lookup values missing and the dropdown empty when adding /editing. Horror! if this would have been a short list the first thing I’d do is to restore it from backup and recover the lookup values. But this being the couple-thousand-records-and-growing-daily list I couldn’t afford that.

With a bit of research into Lookup Field Schema XML I’ve discovered that the LookupList and WebID properties (GUIDS) were wrong. Using SharePoint Manager I could correct the WebID but not the LookupList.

Fortunately after a short period of googling around I’ve discovered this post:

Reattaching LookupList Property to a new List

and that worked like a charm! All the values magically reappeared and lookup dropdowns are back in action.