Bookmarklet tool for revealing internal field names

April 19th, 2012 | Categories: JavaScript, SharePoint

I was already describing the way to get SharePoint List Column’s internal name. Now I’ve prepared a simple tool that you can embed in your browser for an even faster insight.

How to "install" the bookmarklet?

1. Navigate to my JavaScripts Library page.

2. Under Bookmarklets you will find a link. Drag it to your browser’s favorites bar or favorites.


How to use the script:

1. Open SharePoint List settings page. In this example we’ll open a Contacts list’s settings. Pay attention to the "Columns" table


2. Click the link you’ve added to your bookmarks:


3. See your Columns table again



This just temporarily modifies the page. The column will disappear with the next page refresh. But meanwhile you can even copy-paste.

I’ve tested it with IE 9, FireFox and Chrome.