Free Tools Galore pt. 1 – Download manager

August 29th, 2006 | Categories: Uncategorized

As promised, I’ll start a series of posts in which I’ll expose the free stuff on the Internet. You can get really a lot of free stuff even without digging deep. If you have something that’s REALLY good please comment it back to me, so I can include (and ofcourse download :)).

Let’s present the first pick:

For me to be involved in Internet is almost a must-have a good download manager. If you’re (like me) one of the people who don’t want to stay alert over your large downloads, you will love the Free Download Manager.

Free Download Manager
Free Download Manager

It has it all (download resuming, multiple section download, integration with a browser, download basket) and is easy to use.

The name is also promising. You can’t expect a Free Download Manager to be for charge in the future :). Congrats and also congrats on not complicating with a name.