Free Tools Galore pt. 3 – Graphics program

September 3rd, 2006 | Categories: Uncategorized

If you need a program to modify your photographies, images, etc. you have some choices. PhotoShop is really good, but doesn’t fit under the free tools category. A free substitute for PhotoShop is the GIMP, but if you’re looking for something more light-weight, I recommend Paint .NET. It has enough of the functionalities that you’d require – layers, all sorts of different effects, powerful tools for working with drawings, images.

As a Webmaster I find this tool (because of its lightweight and especially because it’s for free), I found it really indispensable.

Here’s a screenshot of the user interface

The task panes are semi-transparent when over the image

It has support for layers and some blending modes

And the color select tool has the hex option! Super if you need this for web development.

P.S. – what do you think of the picture I was editing in Paint .NET? 😉