Verify all hyperlinks on your website

December 28th, 2006 | Categories: Free tools

I had to do an offline version of a website recently and ofcourse once you have the site on a CD it’s too late to make changes to it. That’s why you have to absolutely sure that all of the links work.

SharePoint Designer and FrontPage have a great tool for checking this. First if you’re using SharePoint Designer, you have to verify that it’s using metadata to manage content on your website. To do this select the Site Settings command in Site menu. On the General tab make sure the Manage the Web site using hidden metadata files is checked. 


Next click the Web site tab and below select the Reports view. Under Problems category select Hyperlinks.

FrontPage or SharePoint Designer will display all the links in the website and check if they’re broken. If you have a broken link you don’t even need to open the page. Just right click the broken hyperlink and select Edit hyperlink.

And when you fix the link, just click the button Replace.

A very nice feature that can save you couple of hours of clicking through and checking bad links.

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