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February 1st, 2007 | Categories: Uncategorized

Google Video, SoapBox, YouTube and some others nowadays offer you a grrrreat way to publish your videos online and embed them in your site. But each embedded video has the logo of the service provider. You can also embed your own streaming video with all the free tools.

Step 1. Record and edit the video. For editing you can Windows Movie Maker is a super tool. Here you can learn a lot about Movie Maker.

Step 2. Encode your video into flv. For encoding I’ve discovered a great free tool: Riva flv encoder. With this tool it’s really simple to encode the flw so if you can’t afford Flash with video encoder, this is a super alternative.

Step 3. Upload your .flv. Use your website space to upload the flv video.

Step 4. Embed a free video player. Jose found a very nice looking online flv embedable player on Advanced Flash Components. We’re also using the commercial version on www.prazniki.net. Here’s a link to the free embedable flv player. There you also find the instructions on how to embed the player into your website.

Below is a sample for one of the videos that I’ve edited on the fly some time ago for B4Learningnow is Piflar’s Web.

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