Navigating through SharePoint Site using URL

March 4th, 2008 | Categories: SharePoint

I like to access lists, document libraries directly instead of visiting site or subsite and then clicking my way around. SharePoint has very logically structured URLs. Here are some of the most common:

To access: Type url http://[URL]+
Lists /lists/[List name]*
List New Item form [list URL] + NewForm.aspx
List item details (display) [list URL] + DispForm.aspx?ID=[item ID]
List item edit [list URL] + EditForm.aspx?ID=[item ID]
Document Libraries /[Document Library Name]*
Document library upload [DocLib url] + /Forms/Upload.aspx
Document library item details [DocLib url] + /Forms/DispForm.aspx?ID=[item ID]
Document library item edit properties [DocLib url] + /Forms/EditForm.aspx?ID=[item ID]
Special SharePoint pages http://[URL]+/_layouts+
View all site content viewlsts.aspx
Recycle Bin… recyclebin.aspx
Site Collection’s recycle bin adminrecyclebin.aspx
Create create.aspx
Site Settings settings.aspx
New Subweb newsbweb.aspx

* in cases of Lists and document libraries only spaces get preserved (and translated in %20 in url). Special characters are excluded (for example: list Special Čheck url would be http://[sute url]/lists/Special%20heck/

These things are quite obvious. What I’m trying to point out is if you’re accessing certain lists/document libraries/settings often, it’s not a bad idea to start paying attention to URLs.

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