“Type Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls.FormField’ does not have a public property named ‘xmlns:SharePoint” error

February 15th, 2009 | Categories: JavaScript, XSLT

If you’ve made custom forms with SharePoint designer and you’ve modified it quite a lot, everything looks good in SharePoint designer, but when you open it in the web browser, you get the following error, the solution is simple:

put your insert/edit form in a div. Let me explain more in detail. A lot of times I don’t want my custom SPD insert of edit forms to be in tables. So I remove all the table tags and format the form with layers, spans, and custom CSS. Like in the screen below. The dvt_1.rowinsert template is clean. And the preview in SharePoint Designer is displaying it ok.


But when previewing it in web browser you get the error:


(screenshot is from Slovene website).

All I need to do to resolve this problem is to put the form in a layer (div) – or a table. See the example below (I’ve marked wrapper div with comments)


You can also place the div inside of entire template if you wish. As long as the sharepoint form fields have wrapper.

And your custom form iwll magically become alive


Happy formatting.

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