Service Pack 2 available and promising!

April 29th, 2009 | Categories: Uncategorized

If you’re reading this, head over to windows update and start downloading the Office system service pack 2 (available from yesterday – 28th apr). Then you can continue here. I was just going through list of bugs that SP2 fixes (xslx) in Office system and especially in SharePoint Designer (Thanks, Joel for posting link). Just to name couple of which I was already writing about and also wanted to blog about:

  • “After you back up a SharePoint Server site that spans multiple CMP files by using SharePoint Designer, you cannot restore the Web site.”
  • “Custom list forms do not support attachments.”
  • “Editing a page that contains Web parts that participate in Web part connections causes the connections to be broken.”
  • “When you restore a SharePoint site from an STP site template, data views are broken because of errors in the GUID.”
  • “When you use a data form against a SharePoint Server list that uses lookup fields, SharePoint Server does not submit the form correctly if the lookup source has 20 or more values.”
  • “You cannot successfully configure a Web part connection that contains a SharePoint Server filtering Web part.”

And tons more. In the Excel with changes you can find links to all other updates in Office and Office servers SP2.