Utility to quickly reapply themes in all subwebs

May 11th, 2009 | Categories: CodePlex, css, SharePoint, SharePoint branding

If you’re in SharePoint branding, this small command-line utility might come in handy. If you have a custom template made and deployed to server and after a while you need to make a small modification, you can already be stuck with hundreds of subwebs using your custom template. If you make a change to the existing template, the change won’t be visible in the existing templates until you apply another theme and apply the same theme again to each of those webs.

Because this can be a painstaking job, I’ve composed a simple command-line utility to cycle through all of the webs in a site collection and apply default theme and reapply existing theme.

You can download it from CodePlex.

Usage is simple. Download it to the server running Windows SharePoint Services site you wish to reTheme. Open command prompt in the download folder and run command retheme http://site_collection_url.