MOSS Lanugage pack installation without CD/DVD

September 14th, 2009 | Categories: CodePlex, DHTML, Programming, Software

MOSS 2007 Lanugage Pack comes in .img format, which you can burn to a CD and then use it for installing Language pack. If you’re working remotely or working with a server that has no CD/DVD drive, this might pose a slight problem.

You can avoid this in a simple way:

1. Rename the .img file into an .iso file.

2. Download 7-zip portable version and extract the executable to a folder on your server desktop.

3. Navigate to the extracted folder and run 7-ZipPortable.exe.

4. Browse and open (double-click) the renamed .iso file

5. You can extract all files from the .iso to another folder on your desktop

Now you can browse to that folder and run the setup of language pack with no problem.