Power of Content Editor WebPart article series started

February 8th, 2010 | Categories: JavaScript, SharePoint

Feedback from SharePoint Saturday EMEA online still brings good results. Not only did it make me cleanup quite some of my JavaScripts to prepare for presentation, but it also inspired me to start the "The Power of Content Editor WebPart" series of articles. It’s going to be an at-least 10-part series. Covering from basics to a bit more in-depth on how to use JavaScript to

  1. Change the looks of SharePoint pages
  2. Add features and functionalities to SharePoint Pages and list forms
  3. Read from and write data to SharePoint Lists using SharePoint’s Web Services.
  4. Some other stuff we’ll come along on the way

If you wish to know what all we’ll be getting to know there are already all examples explained in my previous post.

Starting off easy we learn how to insert the CEWP also in pages where the "Edit Page" command in "Site Actions" is not available.

You can find the series article here: The Power of Content Editor WebPart.

As soon as new content is added, I’ll be letting you know.