A quick way to get to know the internal name of the SharePoint Column

February 16th, 2010 | Categories: JavaScript, SharePoint

If you need to know the internal name of a SharePoint column (which can be pretty different from actual if you’re using spaces and latin characters, you can discover this very simple:

  1. Go to list’s settings and edit the properties of the field (on a sample below we’ll get to know the internal name of a "Business phone" column in a standard Contacts list:
  2. In the URL of the "Change Column" page, look for "Field=…" at the end:
  3. In the example above, the internal name is WorkPhone. But if your column name contains strange characters, like e.g. Hello%5FWorld%5Fx0020%5FColumn (which we would get if we created a "Hellp_World Column" column, type the following in the URL bar of your Web Browser:
    and press enter. You’ll get the internal name of the field:

Why is internal column name good for? XSLT views code in SharePoint Designer, Querying SharePoint Web Services, custom scripts, when programming backend against a SharePoint list or list item,…