Power of CEWP series: Toggle Quick Launch

March 15th, 2010 | Categories: JavaScript, SharePoint

After a while I’ve prepared the third (or second if you count first two as one) article in Power of Content Editor WebPart series. In this article we do something that was already done using JavaScript – we hide SharePoint’s Quick Launch bar. But we do this to learn how this can be achieved. In order to achieve that, we discover the HTML DOM element that can be hidden, next we discover how to hide it and after we master that we also add a toggle link to the top of the page so users can toggle the Quick Launch visibility.

With this part I’ve also improved the navigation between articles of series a bit:


and I’ve used my new gadget toy for adding my handwriting to screenshots. If you find my handwriting too unreadable, please let me know so I’ll stick to typed handwriting.

You’re welcome to read the article here, and comments or questions are available with this post.