Disaster recovery after uninstalling Project Server 2010

October 4th, 2011 | Categories: Programming

If you had installed Microsoft Project Server 2010 on a SharePoint server that had running SharePoint 2010 and afterwards you have uninstalled it you may have came in for a great shock. I know I was. After uninstalling Project 2010 I discovered that

  • My Central Admin was gone
  • All SharePoint sites were gone (also checking in IIS)

That may be a real shocker. One option is to simply rerun config wizard to have the Central admin site and restore entire farm from backup (you DO have backup, do you?). Otherwise here’s the process on how I recovered all the sites:

Re-run SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard

  1. Run the SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard
  2. Rejoin the existing farm (entering database server and configuration database and farm passphrase of your lost SharePoint farm) – thank God these aren’t deleted
  3. Central admin site has to be recreated

After the configuration wizard has finished you should see all your web applications back in IIS

Remake manual changes to web.config files

If you were making manual changes (not through SharePoint Object Model) to web.config files of your web applications, these are lost, so you better keep track and remake those changes.

Restart services

Event though you may have your sites back there is still work to do. If you have custom solutions deployed to SharePoint, you have to re-deploy them. Fortunately these are still stored in SharePoint.

SharePoint service applications are not started and you may receive an error like "There are no addresses available for this application" (in logs, event viewer and of course in the web application.

  1. In SharePoint central administration open Application Management
  2. Under Service Applications select Services on Server
  3. Click Start next to service applications that you wish to restart.

You will also notice virtual applications reappearing in your IIS under your SharePoint Services IIS site.

Redeploy solutions

OMG, also solutions are gone from web applications. Yes you need to re-deploy these as well.

  1. In SharePoint Central Administration select System Settings
  2. Select Manage Farm solutions
  3. You will see that all solutions are (probably) there but none of them is deployed.
  4. Deploy each solution as needed by selecting the solution and clicking “Deploy solution” and following steps.


After redeploying check your web applications if everything is working correctly. I noticed even though solutions were not deployed, the data, configuration and permissions remained.